Soulful, beautiful and authentic TANDYR is located in the suburbs of Kiev, in the green zone in Koncha Zaspa. The entire territory of the restaurant is a picturesque place in the woods where you can relax from the city’s bustle and enjoy the excellent meals of the real Caucasian cuisine in its modern interpretation.

Meat – Our Meat is Delivered from USA and Japan.

The main pride of the restaurant is the assortment of premium meats. To your attention we present our own “Meat Factory” with a variety of best meats from different parts of the world. Our Chef selects them personally and creates unusual taste combinations and the best quality meals.

Show-Presentation – Select Meals are Cooked in Front of Our Guests

TANDYR is an ideal place for celebrations, banquets and wedding ceremonies. The territory of our restaurant consists of the main building with two banquet halls and beautiful terraces on the nature, in which you can escape from the whole world and celebrate your important day in an atmosphere of comfort, guest-oriented service, silence and fresh air.

Of course, our restaurant’s cuisine is very special. The institution has a tandyr stove located in the middle of the covered terrace. The menu is based on traditional meals of Caucasian, Uzbek and Ukrainian cuisines. There is also a selection of popular European dishes. Many dishes are served by our Chef personally with elements of a show. When perfect taste is born right before your eyes, the meal becomes even more delicious.

Rest the whole family

Especially for our young guests there are play areas with swings and slides and a separate kitchen room where your kids can try to cook their own meals. We organize quests, master classes and entertainment for kids during the weekend. They will never be bored with us.

TANDYR this is the ideal place to rest with your family. This is the place where you can come for a weekend, organizeьyour important event or just come in for a dinner. Every day the restaurant has live music. Trembling sounds of the piano is a wonderful addition to any meal. We hope to see you at the TANDYR restaurant.