Conference restaurant


A conference is an important event that gathers representatives of the business world, a specific group of specialists or a community for the experience exchange. The organization is handled by a dedicated specialist or business owner who has to find a suitable country restaurant near Kyiv. This is a perfect place for seminars or conferences. A spacious conference room of the restaurant, a cozy atmosphere and picturesque views of the countryside wait for the guests.

The peculiarities of the restaurant for holding a conference

A restaurant for holding a conference near Kyiv gives you an opportunity to organize either planned or urgent meetings. This will create a positive image in the business world, attract the attention of new partners, potential customers and clients. Such an event format often becomes a useful and effective marketing tool. That is why it is highly important to take a particular care over choosing a restaurant for conferences. TANDYR is suitable for meetings, round table discussions, seminars, trainings, speeches and presentations. It is located in the Kozyn village along the Staroobukhivska highway.

The beautiful area of ​​Koncha-Zaspa district is chosen for celebrations and important events. The organizers often hold conferences as well as banquets in this restaurant – either in the closed summer houses that accommodate up for 20 people or in one of three banquet halls.

If an informal meeting is held, guests come together with their children. A large kids’ room is always open for them. For the little guests to have fun and not get bored, entertainment programs have been developed. Also, experienced animators work with children, so they keep children busy and look after them.

Ресторан для конференций

Holding conferences in a restaurant

The organizers are responsible for holding presentations in the restaurant, and we take care of the cuisine and service. While planning a conference, mind the following important stages:

  • To choose a suitable hall in order to accommodate conference participants;
  • To approve the menu, taking into account the customer’s wishes and requirements (including the budget issue);
  • To search for comfortable transportation of the conference participants;
  • To select and set up proper equipment;
  • To solve various technical problems and negotiate the price list for services;
  • To organize leisure activities.

Conference participants will be able to spend time with benefit – discuss business issues, speak out, hold a presentation and finally relax in a pleasant atmosphere. The service personnel professionalism and a nice interior where metal and light wood are harmoniously combined will definitely facilitate a perfect pastime.

Banquet menu for the conference

A modern restaurant for presentations, offsite seminars and trainings allows you to choose a menu for a meeting. At TANDYR the gusts will try:

  • Faultlessly cooked meat from America and Japan;
  • About 20 types of cheese from the world’s best producers;
  • Up to 150 types of wine from all over the world.

The chefs will surprise you with the amazing taste of exquisite and traditional dishes. Furthermore, the restaurant management will do their best to make the business meeting like a charm.

Holding conferences in a restaurant is a complex work that requires the maximum professionalism of the planners and service personnel. You can choose a meeting hall at the following address: Kozyn village, Kyivska Street, 11D, Koncha-Zaspa district (Staroobukhivska highway).