Restaurant for a corporate party


It goes without saying that anyone would like to hold a festive event in the company of colleagues away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For this purpose, the restaurant for a corporate party near Kyiv TANDYR is a perfect choice. Country rest, magnificent nature and fresh air will please every worker and provide each of them with a mental “reload”. We are located 17 kilometers away from the capital, and you can drive up to us along the Staroobukhivska highway.

Design features of the restaurant halls for corporate events

The comfortable TANDYR restaurant succeeds in combining national Ukrainian, classical and oriental ethnic elements in its eclectic interior. The combination of metal and light raw wood covering the ceilings and walls creates the basis for a minimalist interior design. A stylish banquet hall for a corporate party near Kyiv is decorated with adjustable structures made in a modern manner. Thus our guests can turn into reality the most unusual projects and original ideas.

Ресторан для конференций

  • The main banquet hall impresses with its overall dimensions and 11-meter ceilings. Up to 150 guests can be freely accommodated at the tables, while there will be a free area for the dance floor.
  • In the main dining room of the restaurant, it is convenient to hold a corporate banquet. Luxurious sofas, nice chairs and stylish tables in soft areas will bring you great pleasure during your rest.
  • The summer terrace that is adjusted to the dining room can comfortably accommodate up to 80 guests. They are free to embrace the bar with excellent food and fine drinks. Besides, at this point there is a charming view of the fountain, green trees and beautiful flower gardens.

Celebrating a corporate party in a restaurant

The concept of a planned party can become the basis of the program. The VIP event is held in a closed form, or the organizer chooses funny quests. Each of the formats assumes a certain type of establishment, but a restaurant for a corporate event can offer almost any program.

When the theme of the event is determined, start planning the menu. It is better to clarify the average bill per person in advance in order to count the general budget of the banquet.

Banquet menu for a corporate party

The menu of the TANDYR restaurant is about quality products in the right combination, professional chefs and unique ancient and modern recipes with a long-aged history. The cafe menu for corporate parties contains the best dishes and bright tastes of Caucasian cuisine.

Though the menu is based on traditional Ukrainian, Caucasian and Uzbek cuisine, classics-lovers can choose and order popular European dishes in a special menu section.

You can make a meat menu for a corporate party at the TANDYR restaurant. The dishes made in our restaurant are the real proof of mastery and pride of our cooks. The chef selects specimens of Japanese and American meat by himself as well as prepares a real masterpiece with them afterwards.

In addition to meat, we offer main courses, signature salads, delicious desserts and pastries.

By the way, we have a unique offer for you as we are glad to present about twenty kinds of cheese in a varied palette of tastes. In a special cheese room, guests are welcome to taste hard specimens with a bright taste, while others can choose medium and soft varieties with a delicate creamy hue and combine them with sauces and jams.

How to get to the restaurant?

Our country restaurant is located in the Kozyn village, Koncha-Zaspa district near Kyiv. It is about 17 km along the Staroobukhivska highway.

Why do we recommend ordering a corporate party in a restaurant in the suburbs of Kyiv city? Have a look at the advantages:

  • We will provide 3 elegant banquet halls. The interiors are designed in a laconic combination of metal and wood details.
  • The menu covers Caucasian cuisine, premium meat steaks according to Japanese and American recipes, and aromatic smoky meats.
  • 150 unique types of alcoholic drinks in the wine room.
  • A courtyard with closed summerhouses for up to 20 people and a summer terrace for up to 80 guests.
  • You can taste up to 20 types of cheese in the cheese room.
  • The animators will captivate children’s attention with funny programs in the large kids’ room.

We invite you to order a corporate party in a restaurant and have a good time with your work team! When you find yourself back to Kyiv, you will remember delicious dishes, a cozy atmosphere of spacious halls and magnificent nature. To find out the price list for a banquet in a restaurant, call our managers so that they could assist you with all your questions.