Restaurant for prom

A prom is an important event for every pupil/student since they complete one of the main life stages. This day of memories and meetings is the sadness of parting with friends and the expectation of a new adult life. The minutes are filled with solemn mood, undisguised excitement, romantic hopes, and dreams. Therefore, it is important to choose the right banquet hall for the prom night and organize a bright unforgettable evening.

How to choose a restaurant for a prom

When choosing a restaurant for graduation/prom near Kyiv, you need to take into account several nuances. The restaurant hall should comfortably accommodate both graduates and their guests, and the establishment itself should be distinguished by a varied menu and an attractive interior.

Prom in a restaurant should be both spectacular and fun. This holiday symbolizes the end of an important stage in life and the beginning of a new, adult path. The TANDYR Meat Factory restaurant is ideal for proms due to several great advantages:

  • An original menu from professional chefs, a wide selection of signature cocktails;
  • Lots of fun activities;
  • Transport accessibility with the possibility to conveniently give guests a lift.

Besides, we organize a show program with top music tracks from famous metropolitan DJs.

Plans to celebrate the prom in a posh restaurant

It is not that easy to rent a restaurant for a prom as it is important to take into account many details and select personnel who will help in organizing the holiday. The friendly staff of the TANDYR Meat Factory will help you solve a difficult but pleasant task.

Together with the customer of the banquet, we will select a menu (we offer Ukrainian, European cuisine, and barbecue menus) and organize service at the highest level:

  • We will properly decorate the hall;
  • On a stunning site, you have an opportunity to take pictures and video;
  • We will offer live music in a youth format;
  • Dance floor.

How to treat graduates and guests

Treats are the basis for a good holiday. Graduates will gather to celebrate a banquet in a restaurant, where they will be fed by real culinary wizards. Russian cuisine, best delicacies from the European culinary tradition – our restaurant really knows a lot about good food. The price of the celebration can be checked with our managers.

The menu of the restaurant offers quality products in the right combination, which have been worked out by professional chefs. They use unique ancient and modern recipes to prepare the finest dishes with vibrant flavors. Traditional Ukrainian, Caucasian, Uzbek, and other national technologies are taken as a basis. One of the sections of the menu presents dishes of popular European cuisine.

Meat menu masterpieces are the pride of our chef. For cooking in TANDYR, culinary specialists use high-quality fresh meat delivered from America and Japan. As a side dish, you can order a unique salad and appetizer. For tea, you will be offered several types of desserts and pastries. Up to twenty varieties of hard and soft cheese with different flavors await guests in a special cheese room.

How to get to the place of the holiday

The professional team of our establishment invites you to rent a restaurant for the prom night and have a great time! Our TANDYR Meat Factory restaurant is located outside the city limits, in Kozin, Koncha-Zaspa district. You need to drive 17 kilometers along the Staroobukhovskaya highway.

Out-of-town prom is a really cool proposition. Guests will highly rate:

  • A varied menu with dishes of Eastern and European cuisine, signature meat steaks from the chef, and smoky meats;
  • Luxurious and at the same time cozy banquet halls, laconically decorated with metal and wooden elements;
  • Spacious gazebos in a closed courtyard as well as a summer terrace;
  • Wine room with 150 types of branded alcohol;
  • Great assortment of cheese room.

Graduates will forever remember the last joint evening with their dear classmates in a cozy restaurant near Kyiv.