Banquet for 40 people

TANDYR Meat Factory near Kiev

The banquet can be held on any occasion, whether it be an anniversary or a New Year’s corporate party. In order for the holiday to be successful and to leave happy and bright memories, it is necessary to think about its organization in advance. Think about the menu, the venue, the location and the script. Therefore, a banquet in a restaurant is the best solution, which will give you the opportunity to prepare the event with help of real professionals in the restaurant business.

How to organize a banquet for 40 people

Choosing the right venue for a banquet for 40 people is half the battle. Therefore, it is important to pay proper attention to the search of the institution. The parameters of the choice are as follows:

  1. The venue should have a spacious room where guests can sit comfortably and, if the format of the event allows it, dance/participate in contests, etc.;
  2. The administration of the institution should offer different types of service, including full service when it comes to such an important celebration as a wedding;
  3. Check if the organization you have chosen can prepare the necessary list of dishes, snacks, and drinks. As a rule, these are cold/hot appetizers, second hot dishes, dessert, fruit, water, juices. Alcoholic beverages are calculated based not only on the number of guests, but also on the ratio of men and women invited.

The interior of the venue should be taken into consideration. The design of the room must match the concept of your celebration.

Банкет на 40 человек

Where to hold a banquet for up to 40 people

If you are looking for a cozy banquet hall for 40 people, then the country restaurant near Kiev TANDYR Meat Factory is what you need. We have three spacious banquet halls, the interior of which is decorated in pleasant light colors. The decor of the rooms combines the elegance of light wood and modern motifs of metal elements. In case the number of guests is much less by the moment of the party due to unforeseen circumstances we offer closed arbours for 20 persons from which you can enjoy beautiful nature views. For guests with children on the territory of the facility there is a playroom with animators who hold bright, interesting contests, not to let young visitors to be sad during the “boring” meals for adults.

Банкет на 40 человек

The restaurant has two rooms at its disposal – a wine room and a cheese room. The first room has up to 150 varieties of wine purchased from countries all over the world, and the second room has up to 20 cheeses from the world’s best producers. TANDYR Meat Factory specializes in meat dishes, so we put special emphasis on the quality of our meat. Any customer can order a premium steak from American or Japanese meat.

The cozy atmosphere of the restaurant, the optimal menu, a sufficient number of banquet halls for 40 people, delicious dishes from the staff of professional chefs allow us to carry out all kinds of banquets, from corporate parties, anniversaries, ending with wedding events, children’s parties.

TANDYR restaurant is located in Kozyn village near Kyiv in Koncha-Zaspa district. You can reach us by the Staroobukhivska highway.