Here, in TANDYR restaurant we know everything about meat and our Meat Factory serves as a confirmation. TANDYR Meat Factory is a real encyclopedia of meat from all around the world selected by our Chef who creates meals with amazing taste and flavor.

The best marble meat

Our marbled beef steak cuts are real art. Tandyr Meat Factory will surprise you with the best steaks in the world, because we know all the subtleties of cooking meat.


Marbling of meat directly corresponds with the presence of a thinfat layer, which in its appearance resembles marble, and from there takes its name. This and many other useful information you can learn by visiting Tandyr Meat Factory.

The highest degree of marbling

TandyrMeat Factory presents three categories of steaks: Prime , Choice and Select . Each of the presented categories of  steaks in our assortment has a higher degree of marbling, which is an

indicator that we offer our guests the best product.
The SELECT category of steaks is noticeably inferior tothe Prime and Choice marbles. This meat is not so tender, but it has the most pronounced taste.
PRIME Beef has the highest degree of marbling and is considered exclusive. It is very difficult to find such steaks. They are cooked more often in a pan and grill.
The CHOICE category has the ideal meat for steaks. It has slightlyless marbling, but is the softest and tenderest among all kinds of meat.

A very important indicator of the taste and quality of meat is itsdry-aging. This is a special technology for aging beef, which makes excellent meat even better, more tender and fragrant. Ideal meat for steaks is “aged” in a special chamber, where a certain level of humidity, temperature and air circulation are provided.

We adhere to all the rules and introduce you premium steaks, which you can already try in our restaurant and personally chat with the chef who does these miracles. TANDYR Meat Factory creates the perfection of quality and taste. We do our best to make our guests happy.

Meat shop of TANDYR Meat Factory delivers marble beef steaks to the entire district of Koncha Zaspa. We are proud of our offering, the combination of premium quality and democratic prices and are fully responsible for the quality and impeccable taste of the meals presented.
If you have any questions about the assortment of steaks, delivery
or preparation, we are ready to answer them.