Family restaurant

TANDYR Meat Factory near Kiev

Are you tired of solving the problem every time: where can you have a good time with your loved ones? Do you want everyone in your household to enjoy their vacation? Good decision — beautiful country restaurant Tandyr in the village of Kozyn on the Staroobukhovskaya highway, in the Koncha-Zaspa area.

Wonderful nature, cosy atmosphere and fantastic cuisine – everything you need for the comfort of your loved ones. The combination of light wood and metal in a minimalist style is the main eco-design element. A good family restaurant with spacious halls, covered pavilions and delicious food will be a godsend for joint leisure.

Семейный ресторан TANDYR

Our gastronomic focus is Meat Factory Menu. The freshest premium steaks from America and Japan result from the chef’s strict control. Feel the freshly cut piece of medium-rare steak melting in your mouth… If you were not an avid meat-eater, now you are doomed to pleasure. An integral part of the right meat menu is tar-tar, cooked according to the classical canons, and it will satisfy any aesthete. Enjoy a barbecue on our open summer veranda, try grilled dishes or Tandyr meat:

  • Pork;
  • Veal;
  • Mutton;
  • Bird.

You no longer have to frantically gather household members for a picnic and run around the shops searching for food. Save your time – enjoy smoky, juicy ribs on the grill. Enchanting barbecue sauce will once again confirm the correctness of your choice.

Without leaving the limits of a cosy restaurant for a family dinner, take an exciting journey worldwide. The cheese room presents up to 20 types of cheeses from world-famous manufacturers. Exquisite hard varieties and soft, creamy-tender, complemented by an assortment of sauces and jams. Consultants will help you correctly reveal the taste of each variety and plunge into the local flavour of the producing country.

The extensive wine room is a special pride of the institution. About 150 wines from all over the world will make your stay unforgettable. In a comfortable cafe for the whole family, the preferences of all visitors are taken into account. Enjoy fish and seafood dishes. We love to surprise you will find a real Moroccan octopus in the assortment. Exquisite white wine will emphasize the taste of any fish dish.

Need a well-organized banquet in a restaurant to celebrate? Visit us with friends and acquaintances. Closed gazebos for up to 20 people and 3 banquet halls can accommodate everyone.

Семейный ресторан TANDYR

Restaurant for families with children

Often parents are faced with the problem of going to a cafe with their children. What to feed the baby? How to have time to eat independently without catching your child from under neighbouring tables? A restaurant for the whole family will take care of this problem. Let dads and moms relax, and the child will feel like a small, welcome guest. We’ll turn his dinner with his parents into a fun, colourful event. In a family restaurant with a children’s room, the baby will have his personal space to feel like an important person. Experienced animators have prepared a lot of exciting surprises for little customers:

  • Game library;
  • Culinary school for cooks;
  • Educational games;
  • Thematic programs;
  • Specially equipped room.

The family restaurant menu has a lot of delicious, fun food for young visitors. The child will appreciate the efforts of experienced chefs and will look forward to the next visit. Cosy restaurant with children’s menu — an excellent vacation for parents and a fun adventure for the baby.

The final cherry on the cake will be the famous author’s desserts with homemade ice cream. They will win the heart of any of the guests. Delicious with us – just the way you like it!