Banquet hall for a wedding

TANDYR near Kiev

When two lovers plan to marry, they have a lot of work to do. The main task is to choose a place where they can organize an unforgettable romantic celebration. The country restaurant TANDYR is one of the most picturesque and stylish places which are ideally suitable for carrying out a wedding. It is located near Kyiv in Kozyn settlement, on Staraobukhovskaya highway (Koncha-Zaspa district), in a 30-km radius from the city.

Banquet hall for weddings

Why is it so important to choose a stylishly decorated wedding hall? It’s simple – this place will always remind you of the happiest day in the life of the newlyweds. Warm memories will be associated with it.

A cozy atmosphere reigns in the Tandyr restaurant. Its interior is designed in a combination of light wood and metal. On the territory there are:

  • 3 banquet halls – basic, estate and wine;
  • Covered pavilions for up to 20 people;
  • Terrace, which can comfortably accommodate up to 80 guests.

What to choose a banquet wedding hall, depends on the preferences of the client and the number of invitees to the celebration. But it is worth considering a few important points.

Банкетный зал для свадьбы

How to choose a hall for a wedding

A spacious country banquet hall is just what you need for an exciting holiday with a rich entertainment program. Not a single wedding can do without incendiary dances, competitions under the guidance of a toastmaster, presentation of gifts during the banquet. Nothing should restrain movements and prevent free movement.

Before ordering beautiful banquet halls, you should ask the managers whether visitors can expect to see something unusual, not like everyone else and experience a sea of positive emotions. Since ancient times, people have demanded “bread and circuses”, which is still relevant today. Our institution is focused on this and will easily satisfy such a request.

Planning to order a banquet at TANDYR, you can count on a lot of tricks that will please your heart, pleasantly surprise you and be remembered:

  1. Thanks to the special skills of the dexterous chefs not only prepare tasty dishes, but also arrange a unique show-presentation. Take a look at the premium steaks – the facility has an impeccable range of American and Japanese meats. The taste of dishes cooked in a tandoor with a fragrant smoke will amaze you.
  2. A huge selection of hot drinks of exquisite taste. A special room features up to 150 unique wines from all over the world – Georgia, Italy, France, Spain and other countries.
  3. The highlight is the cheese plate. There are up to 20 kinds of cheeses from the world’s best producers in the themed room.

Children won’t be bored at the event. For them there is a large room with animators and children’s programs.

A wedding restaurant with a well-groomed area with lots of green plants is an excellent location for an exclusive colorful photo shoot. Pictures taken in nature are spectacular, creative and original.

Банкетный зал для свадьбы

How much does it cost to rent a banquet hall for a wedding

Considering to celebrate the long-awaited event more grandiose and large-scale, it will have to allocate more money. If you give preference to an inexpensive banquet hall for a wedding, the price will be more democratic. The service will remain at the highest level. Our staff will serve everyone with Caucasian cordiality and Ukrainian hospitality without exception.

Choose small banquet halls in a restaurant when a couple in love plans to gather in a close circle, among a number of the closest friends and relatives. A small intimate banquet is also a good solution.

TANDYR is ready to open wide for any friendly company to make another wedding story come true. Remember – what can be better than enjoying the countryside and fresh air, which gives a beautiful nature, affecting its splendor! We look forward to your requests!