Restaurant for a big wedding

TANDYR near Kyiv

Long before the wedding, the newlyweds have to solve many important issues, the most important of which is choosing the place of celebration. If a grand event with a large number of guests is planned, you should choose this country restaurant, on the territory of which there are halls with an exquisite interior, a picturesque area, excellent cuisine, spectacular and stylish locations for an outdoor ceremony. Its distinctive features are beautiful nature, delicious dishes, cozy atmosphere, spacious halls. All of the above criteria are met by our establishment Tandyr, located near Kyiv in the village of Kozyn along the Staroobukhivska highway (Koncha-Zaspa district).

Большая свадьба в ресторане TANDYR

Organizing a big wedding

When a big wedding is planned in a restaurant, you need to pay special attention to such aspects as:

  1. Banquet hall rental. It is not recommended to delay this issue; it is better to make a reservation in a few months. If a lot of friends, relatives, colleagues and other dear people are invited from both sides, it is essential that during the rest none of them feels discomfort due to the cramped atmosphere, there is enough space for free movement, exciting competitions, and a spacious dance floor is welcome. There are 3 banquet halls in our institution in which everyone can sit down. The interior is designed in a combination of light wood and metal.
  2. Menu development. The emphasis should be on hearty dishes, preferably meat. We are ready to offer our customers such a pleasant bonus as incredible-tasting premium steaks prepared in front of everyone by the chef; it is a pleasure to watch his work. We have an impeccable range of American and Japanese meats. Cheeses from the world’s best producers can conquer all guests without exception – up to 20 types of them are presented in the cheese room.
  3. Quality booze. The most exquisite drink for the long-awaited celebration, which must undoubtedly decorate the festive table – wine. Our extensive wine room contains up to 150 unique wines from all over the world. Such a huge selection will impress even the most demanding heroes of the occasion.

When there is a big wedding, you need to take care of entertainment for children. A comfortable and exciting pastime for the younger generation is easy to organize in a large children’s room with animators and children’s programs.

Большая свадьба в ресторане TANDYR

Big wedding in a restaurant near Kyiv

Why should you prefer a city break? The answer is simple: wedding restaurant, which is located away from the bustle of the city – just a godsend for the newlyweds and their guests. There is fresh air, picturesque places, soothing birds singing. Few people refuse to observe the beauties of nature.

If you want to chat in a narrow circle during the celebration of a big wedding and briefly escape from a noisy party, closed gazebos for up to 20 people will allow you to hide from prying eyes. Another best option is to walk around the chic territory planted with well-groomed green spaces that touch their beauty and promote relaxation.

There is no doubt that our restaurant for a big wedding has everything you need to celebrate it at the highest level! The staff has excellent service and high-class service, gourmet dishes from experienced chefs, striking in their skill. We recommend that you check all of the above for yourself!