Restaurant with children's menu

TANDYR near Kyiv

Banquet for children requires careful preparation and care for many aspects, such as finding and designing a suitable location, planning entertainment and a good children’s menu in a restaurant. Cramped halls can hardly be called an ideal option for holding a children’s holiday, so many choose suburban restaurants with a children’s menu near Kyiv, which combine beautiful landscapes, delicious dishes, a cozy atmosphere and the ability to select from large halls.

Our TANDYR – stunning beauty restaurant near Kyiv in the village of Kozyn along the Staroobukhivska highway (Koncha-Zaspa district), which offers a variety of dishes for children and a lot of ways to spend time outdoors actively or in a spacious children’s room with animators and special entertainment programs for children. The restaurant looks presentable and, at the same time cozy, which is facilitated by an elegant interior designed in a combination of light wood and metal. We offer a choice of 3 banquet halls and indoor pavilions, accommodating up to 20 people.

Ресторан с детским меню TANDYR

It is vital to make sure that children’s menu at the banquet will be as varied as at TANDYR and include at least:

  • Salads and appetizers;
  • First meal;
  • Main dishes;
  • The drinks;
  • Dessert.

And, of course, in a country restaurant, children can try any dish from the main menu (it is unlikely that anyone will refuse the highest quality juicy steak, grilled corn or home-style potatoes). And as a dessert, you can order a luxurious Prague cake with homemade ice cream and light candles!

Ресторан с детским меню TANDYR

Children’s birthday menu

When considering banquet halls for a holiday, it is important to pay attention to the interior decoration and no less important details – for example, the menu for a children’s holiday.

Many cafes with a children’s menu are limited to fast food and harmful carbonated drinks, which is unacceptable for a good celebration. At our TANDYR restaurant, children can enjoy tasty and healthy food according to their personal preferences: juicy dumplings, chicken cutlets and barbecue, even borscht and hearty broth – all this can be found on the children’s menu.

Adults don’t get bored either. When the children run away to the playroom, moms and dads will be happy to taste gastronomic masterpieces from the main menu. It includes the main feature of the restaurant – excellent premium steaks from American and Japanese meat. It’s not every day that you manage to treat yourself to such delicacies. Besides, the institution also offers an extensive wine room with a massive assortment of wines (up to 150 unique wines worldwide). We also have a cheese room where you can find up to 20 types of cheese from the world’s best producers.

В ресторані Тандир працює генератор при відключенні електроенергії! Ви завжди зможете смачно провести в теплі час зі своїми близькими, зарядити всі гаджети та зв’язатись з рідними. Ми переможемо! Слава Україні!🇺🇦