Christening restaurant


One of the most significant events in the life of a family is the christening of a beloved baby. Although the kid, as a rule, still lies in the cradle, for the family and friends of the little heir or heiress, this event should remain in the memory as a bright and pacifying moment. Choose for your celebration a beautiful country restaurant in the Kozyn village near Kyiv, where a special atmosphere of intimacy and comfort reigns. What are the advantages of this establishment and why is TANDYR restaurant ideal for this event?

Restaurant for celebrating christening: peculiarities

Since the event has a sacred connotation, it should be held at the highest level. The cafe atmosphere for christenings near Kyiv should be conducive to pleasant conversation and a benevolent mood. Moreover, it should provide full comfort to all guests, including the hero of the celebration. There is all that in plenty at TANDYR restaurant. Furthermore, as bonuses you get a menu with delicious mouth-watering dishes, high-qualified staff and a stylish interior with a harmonious combination of metal and warm light wood. Thus, there are at least 3 reasons to order a cozy restaurant for christening celebration near Kyiv.

Ресторан для крестин

  • In addition to that, customers can choose the most suitable place for holding such a moving event: any of the three banquet halls suits for a large company. Mind, it is reasonable to organize a banquet in a close family circle in one of our closed summerhouses that accommodates up to 20 people. Find out the price of booking it by calling the manager.
  • Arriving at the TANDYR restaurant for christening celebration, guests will be able to see the true value of the unique wine and cheese room, which offers a luxurious range of worthy drinks and gourmet cheese from all over the world. It is likely that the majority of those present at the celebration will want to order a banquet for their birthdays here .
  • A huge advantage is our location as we settled in a picturesque place outside the city. Luxurious views of nature and clean air dispose not only for a pleasant time for the guests, but also for the sweet sleep of the baby. Younger family members invited to the christening party at the restaurant will be happy to spend their leisure time in the kids’ room, where a rich entertainment program and creative animators wait for them.

Celebrating christenings in a restaurant involves enjoying delicious food, tasting fine wines, observing the work of the chef while he is creating gastronomic masterpieces, and having pleasant conversations with loved ones. Our team can decorate the hall in the appropriate style and create an authentic photo zone if you want to.

Banquet menu

When choosing a restaurant for christening celebration, you should definitely study the dishes menu and the prices in order to draw up the preliminary budget of the banquet. If you choose us, you can leave your hesitations behind and be sure that all dishes are cooked exclusively from fresh, environmentally friendly products using all required technologies together with an author’s twist. The restaurant’s chefs will prepare premium steaks that literally melt in your mouth, gourmet salads, cold and hot appetizers that you cannot tear yourself away from! This banquet in a restaurant for celebrating christenings near Kyiv will be remembered by every guest for a long time, leaving a magical aftertaste of a wonderful, kind and warm party!

Information for visitors

The TANDYR restaurant is located in a convenient location in the Kozyn village, Kyivska Street, 11D. You can get to us by your own car or by taxi along the Staroobukhivska highway in the direction of Koncha-Zaspa (17 km away from Kyiv). If you have any questions, you can always contact the managers by phone. We will be glad to advise you on the christening banquet organization.